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Cana the place of Miracles

Painting of wine pots - Franciscan Wedding Church, Cana
Location of Cana 
Closer to the town of Nazareth in the northern region of GalileeIsrael there is a small village exist and its name used to be "Cana" and presently it is known as Kafr Kanna meaning "village of Cana". 
Passage to lower level of Franciscan Wedding Church
First Miracle
During Jesus' time there took place a marriage and Jesus' mother Mary lived in Nazareth was already attending to it and Jesus was also invited to the marriage. During the feast wine that being served ran out and the host was in difficulty. Realizing the embarassment, Mary told her son "they have no more wine". Why do you involve me Jesus replied, "My time has not yet come". Mother instead of pleading to son asked the servants "Do what ever he tells you".
One of the six big stone jars that converted water in to wine - Site Excavation

There were six big stone jars placed near by and Jesus said to the servants to "Fill the jars with water" so they did and he then asked the servants to "draw some out and take to the master of the banquet" 
Old vessels of various dates - Excavation findings at Franciscan Church
The master of the banquet tasted it and realized it was wine but he did not know from where it had come, however the servants knew about it. The master said to the bridegroom "Every one brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guest have had too much to drink, but you have saved the best till now " such was the quality of the wine the master had tasted. 
Old cisterns and other remnants excavated - Franciscan Church
This turning water in to wine was the first miraculous signs Jesus performed in Cana. He thus revealed his glory and his disciples put their faith in Him.
Excavation findings - Franciscan Church, Cana
The story is said in the Bible (John 2: 1-11) but the exact location where the event had taken place is disputed, but traditionally the most accepted and venerated place is in Kafr Kanna. A narrow gully branching from the main road that leads to Tiberius, takes you to a beautiful Franciscan church.
Franciscan Wedding Church, Cana
Wedding Churches
Inspired by the miracle of wine couples from all over the world reach here for getting married or for renewing wedding vows to strengthen their existing marriage. The church has a lower level where the excavations are exposed and articles derived from excavations like wine press, cisterns and vessels of various dates are preserved here. An old stone jar said to be one of the six jars used to transform water in to wine is also exhibited there. 
St. George Orthodox Wedding Church, Cana
Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, Cana  is located in the same site just opposite to the Franciscan Church. Orthodox Christians from different parts of the world arrive here to get married as well. Both of these churches are known as the "Wedding Churches of Cana". Two large stone jars believed to be the jars used during the first miracle are also exhibited here. 
The narrow gully separating Franciscan and Orthodox Wedding Churches
Both the Franciscan and Orthodox Churches are located on the same place on either sides of the small gully. Excavations and geographical evidences stand in favor of this site where the first miracle took place.

St. George Orthodox Wedding Church, Cana
Wedding wines
Wedding Wine for shopping
Tourists in large number visit here in Kafr Kanna (Kafr Cana) every year. On the streets there are plenty of shops selling "Wedding wines" to take home for the friends and family. It is sweet red wine bottled in regular and small bottles. They sell varieties of good quality wines. Wine making is traditional business in Cana and nearby places.

Second Miracle in Cana
Healing of the son of a noble man (Roman centurion) was the second miracle Jesus did in Cana. (John 4: 46 -54) Noble man pleaded to Jesus for saving the life of his son who was at the point of death. Jesus upon seeing the belief of the noble man said to him "go home your son lives". The man believed the word of Jesus and reached home to see his son lived. The noble man along with his whole house there after believed in Jesus. This is not to be confused with the second miracle of Jesus but this was the second miracle Jesus performed in Cana. These two signs given in Cana created a new nation of believers for Jesus in whole of Galilee.

Bottle brush flowers - on the pavements of Cana 


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